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Frequently Asked Questions

At Trails and Tails, our passion is to help our client's dogs live enriched, healthy and fun-filled lives!


Nature Hikes consist of small, intimate groups of friendly, social dogs.  For the energetic, adventure loving dog, our 2-3 hour, year-round excursions are the perfect way to burn off excess energy, socialize, and explore.  Your dog will be picked up from your home excited and ready for adventure, then returned satisfied, relaxed and content.


Daily off-leash exercise helps create a fulfilled and happy dog, who is more relaxed, easier to live with and makes a better companion.  In addition to creating a fun environment, our priority first and foremost, is ensuring each dog's comfort and safety.



  • Group Hike outings are a total of 2-3 hours in length, include pick up and drop off from your home, and are offered three times daily, Monday through Friday.


  • Our midday large dog groups take place on one of two, 100 acre private wonderlands located just a short drive outside of Owen Sound.


  • Dogs participating in group outings must be: at least 6 months of age, over 15 pounds in weight, friendly with other dogs and people, and reliable to come when called.  We require all dogs to be current on vaccinations including canine/kennel cough.  Dogs are matched based on several factors, including personality, energy level and size, to ensure a safe and fun group dynamic.  

  • All new dogs are required to undergo a behavioural assessment which includes an in-home consultation and at least one leashed private walk prior to beginning group hikes.  We cannot accept aggressive dogs, or dogs restricted by the Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act. 


  • During all outings we work to maintain basic good manners, establish healthy boundaries, and nurture social skills through the use of treats, praise, and other rewards to encourage desired behaviour.

To register your dog and book a FREE in home consultation.

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